In our practice, we believe that prevention and education are the keys to ideal oral health. Research is continually affirming the intimate relationship between quality of life and good oral health. Our doctors focus on, and excel at, providing thorough exams, completely evaluating the overall health of your teeth and gums. This includes oral cancer screening and diagnostic x-rays as needed. Additionally, the doctors have a sharp eye out for signs of parafunctional habits (like grinding or clenching) and any dietary factors that could be going unnoticed. When indicated, the option for referrals to specialists is offered.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services include:

  • Routine cleaning and examinations
  • Periodontal maintenance and deep cleaning
  • Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Implant-supported fixed or removable prostheses
  • Dentures and Partial Dentures
  • Composite fillings (mercury free)
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Extractions
  • Please ask about any others that you have interest in